Coaching in Organizations

I’m passionate about providing professional coaching in organizational settings.

My experience with professional coaching at a UN agency was rewarding, witnessing the transformative power of structured conversations. Employees found a safe space to navigate workplace challenges and enhance communication skills. The results were impressive, with improved communication, revamped goals, and increased confidence.

I believe similar coaching programs can elevate workplace morale and performance, fostering open communication and innovation.

Additionally, listening partner services adds another layer of support. In a fast-paced environment, an attentive listener without judgment becomes a crucial support system, contributing to a positive work culture and boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

coaching in organizations
coaching in organizations

What My Clients Say

I found our coaching sessions beneficial for my professional and personal development. I learned about confidence building, my attributes, non-aggressive communication, and interviewing preparation. My confidence increased and, my understanding of what my goals and purposes are in professional and personal settings. The sessions helped me improve my work output and self-reflection.

There was tremendous improvement and development from the first to the last session. My supervisor and colleagues pointed out a difference in confidence levels, participation, and willingness to express my concerns and point of view when given the space.

VAM Officer - UN

The coaching sessions proved highly successful, thanks to Betsy consistently prioritizing my needs and empowering me to take the lead.

This approach was instrumental in uncovering and exploring aspects of myself that I had never before recognized. The synergy between us was remarkable, and beyond the educational value of the sessions, they were also enjoyable and uplifting.

At the end of each session, I thought “I can’t wait for the next session”.

Field Support - UN

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