well-being for individuals
well-being for individuals

Well-being for You

In addition to my humanitarian work in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, I’m a private yoga teacher and provide well-being services for individuals. I’m passionate about helping you integrate self-care, stress relief, and meditation into your daily life.

Whether in traditional or non-traditional settings, my teachings focus on functional movement and mindful breathing techniques.

Do the demands of work, play, and day-to-day life leave you feeling tight and tense? Let me guide you through your well-being journey.

Together, we’ll unlock energy, find peace, and cultivate a fulfilled life.

Remember: No matter where your well-being practice leads you, just breathe.

What My Clients Say

Betsy has been a wonderful guide and partner for my yoga practice. I was looking to restore my flexibility, strength and balance (as I was beginning to find it harder to get back up gracefully if I was stooped down, or on the floor to do something) and also to increase my energy level.

Since working with Betsy, I’ve become more flexible, increased my core strength and my muscles are firmer. Betsy just makes yoga fun. She is encouraging without being over the top and pays careful attention to the movement of the body.

She adjusts the exercises to fit your ability when needed, giving everyone the feeling of being successful in their practice.

Ellen Albertson

As a first time yoga student at 50 years old and dealing with back problems, I had mixed expectations for my sessions.

But then I met Betsy.

She is a patient, dedicated yoga teacher with a spirited personality and a will to give her students all she has. Week after week she nudged me to develop and then safely extend the reach of my yoga practice.

Not only did her teachings dramatically reduce my chronic back pain, but as a coach, she inspired me to keep going week after week.

Jack Huntley

I am 69 years old and just started yoga about 18 months ago after both my canine walking buddy and my low-impact aerobics instructor died. I have never been athletic, eschewed exercise and believed my body to be inflexible.

I expected yoga to the purview of serious and serene rail-thin vegans who guarded the mysteries of “The East” behind tight-lipped smiles. Au contraire, Betsy exudes joy with giggles and hugs.

Yoga with Betsy has improved my posture, self-confidence and, most of all, my joints and core strength. With her clear and concise guidance, my mind recognizes that I am safe and it frees my body to move into previously unbelievable positions that now seem perfectly natural.

I leave each class with Betsy smiling in my heart, standing taller, breathing deeper and feeling peaceful. Betsy makes my life much better.


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